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Middle School

Listening to my daughter talk about her feelings and the dynamics of kid interaction at school, I realize the following:

  1. Middle school is “Lord of the Flies” harsh even when it’s a good school;
  2. People can be really judgmental, including my kid;
  3. A middle schooler wants more than anything to be accepted; the hardest thing to do is to befriend someone who is an “outcast,” because you risk your own social safety;
  4. I suck at listening, despite being a psychotherapist (psycho therapist?);
  5. All my childhood wounds are activated;
  6. I have to WORK REALLY HARD to keep my mouth shut, my heart open, and to accept I do not have control over this.

BEING PRESENT with someone else’s suffering, especially when that someone is the most precious treasure of my life, is the hardest soul task I’ve encountered.

Glimpses of My Daughter at Age Six

Glimpses of My Daughter At Age Six

She is a sunflower-yellow
hourglass with a
center of nipple pink intensity
bouncing, twirling, burbling, squawking
like a Steller’s jay.
She is inside with Peter, Paul, and Mary,
multiplying three times infinity
in her rocking chair.
She is an apple, crisp and fresh,
the guitar singing melodies
sometimes jarring and jangling ears.
She’s a meandering stream of galaxies,
an ancient Redwood soul, not
fearing abandonment –
a kaleidoscope of wonder.

–Kathryn Harper

Oh Little One: Four Haiku

Oh Little One: Four Haiku

That brave little neck,
the stem of a sunflower;
your brain is blooming.
Your luscious curved cheek
is a small apple that begs
for tender kisses.
The tree sapling back
nourishes roots and branches;
may it grow mighty.
Hands touch but don’t clutch
like curious mice seeking
their fortune in cheese.

–Kathryn Harper

she loves books

How I love her!

Art Every Day Month – Day 2

Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t post photos of my daughter on the blog. I’ve broken that rule twice, but not for full-faced photos. However, I’m a proud mother who adores this little girl, and I can’t resist posting her flirty little smile. So this is my art for today. We play a game. Several weeks ago I began sticking out my tongue and talking to her that way, and she responded by sticking her tongue out too. I cheered this and smiled, and she smiled back, very pleased with herself. We spend many minutes at a time doing this, which gets her cooing and grinning. She almost laughed today. She is such a joyful little girl. How can I help but fall in love?

art everyday month 07 - day 2 - my biggest project ever

My Biggest Creation Ever