Books Read: 2016

* Didn’t finish the book.

** Read the book but did a lot of skipping or scanning. Won’t add the book to my permanent collection. Won’t search out other books by the author.

*** Enjoyable read. If nonfiction, will keep the book but won’t purchase if borrowed. If fiction won’t keep the book, won’t purchase if borrowed. Receptive to other works if they are recommended.

**** Liked the book a lot. If nonfiction, will keep or purchase if borrowed. If fiction, will keep the book but not purchase if borrowed. Will look for other works by the same author.

***** One of my all time favorites. If nonfiction, will keep or purchase to add to my collection. If fiction, will keep or purchase to add to my collection. Will actively search out other works by the same author.


  1. All the Light We Cannot See***
  2. Bite Me: A Love Story*
  3. Chinese Whiskers***
  4. Dreambender**
  5. Ellie’s Story****
  6. Four to Score***
  7. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire***
  8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix***
  9. High Five***
  10. Hot Six***
  11. Juliet, Naked***
  12. Leaving Time***
  13. Looking for Alaska***
  14. Memory of Water**
  15. My Name is Lucy Barton***
  16. My Sister’s Keeper***
  17. Sarah***
  18. Seven Up**
  19. Sherwood Nation*
  20. Someone****
  21. State of Wonder***
  22. The Age of Miracles***
  23. The Children Act***
  24. The Distance**
  25. The Dog Who Knew Too Much***
  26. The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things***
  27. The Night Strangers**
  28. The Return of the Indian***
  29. The Serpent of Venice*
  30. The Valley of Amazement***
  31. Water for Elephants***
  32. Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy****
  33. Wings of Fire Book Two: The Lost Heir****
  34. Wings of Fire Book Three: The Hidden Kingdom****
  35. Wings of Fire Book Four: The Dark Secret****
  36. Wings of Fire Book Five: The Brightest Night****


  1. Are You My Mother?***
  2. Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End*****
  3. Between the World and Me***
  4. Body of Wisdom: Women’s Spiritual Power and How it Serves*****
  5. Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex***
  6. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic***
  7. Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life*****
  8. In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom***
  9. Just Kids**
  10. My Son and the Afterlife*
  11. Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea***
  12. Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden*****
  13. Parenting with Presence: Practices for Raising Conscious, Confident, Caring Kids****
  14. Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships*****
  15. Rethinking Narcissism: The Bad — and Surprising Good — About Feeling Special***
  16. The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How my Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death***
  17. The Butterfly Mosque: A Young American Woman’s Journey to Love and Islam***
  18. The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-ups***
  19. The Dance of the Dissident Daughter: A Woman’s Journey from the Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine*****
  20. When Breath Becomes Air**
  21. Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power, and Sexual Intelligence*****