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A long time ago I stopped trick-or-treating. I remember taking my brother when I was about 16, but I stopped dressing up and getting treats at age 12. My daughter is 12 this year, and her desire to roam door to door hasn’t waned, in part because I’ve been an enthusiastic participant celebrating vicariously through her! And also because she has friends who want to go. However, this year I’ve been ambivalent toward Halloween. Didn’t really want to decorate; my daughter helped. Didn’t want to carve a pumpkin. However, Claire said she would be sad if there wasn’t a jack-o-lantern this year. She asked me to carve an Owo face. Being an uncool parent I had no idea what this meant, so she drew it for me. As it turned out, once I got started with the cutting and scooping, I felt calm enjoyment in the project. So here is the Owo pumpkin with its hat and without. Happy Halloween!

Owo pumpkin
Owo pumpkin aglow

Art Every Day Month – Day 2

Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t post photos of my daughter on the blog. I’ve broken that rule twice, but not for full-faced photos. However, I’m a proud mother who adores this little girl, and I can’t resist posting her flirty little smile. So this is my art for today. We play a game. Several weeks ago I began sticking out my tongue and talking to her that way, and she responded by sticking her tongue out too. I cheered this and smiled, and she smiled back, very pleased with herself. We spend many minutes at a time doing this, which gets her cooing and grinning. She almost laughed today. She is such a joyful little girl. How can I help but fall in love?

art everyday month 07 - day 2 - my biggest project ever

My Biggest Creation Ever