Thems The Breaks

Forecast for today: Sunny, high at 93F.

Last night at 10 p.m. we had a false alarm. I thought my water broke. Turns out it did not, but this required an exam at the hospital to be sure. (Something leaked, and I know for sure it was not urine, dammit.) The staff were lovely to us; I’m sure they get lots of first-timers with false alarms.

We got home around midnight and I went to bed exhausted. But I couldn’t sleep, so I read until 4:30 a.m. I dozed off lightly but woke at 5:30, 6:00, and 7:00 a.m. Then I slept until 8:30, when the roofers came. It sounded like the aliens on the roof from the movie Signs.

I’ve developed a hearty cough that emanates from my chest and leaves a metallic taste in my mouth. My head is full of cotton. I’ve sneezed through a box of Kleenex.

We have an OB appointment at 11:50; I don’t feel alert enough to drive. Husband stayed home from work to drive us there.

As I type, the roofers are ripping off our shingles. Husband will drop me off at a friend’s home after the appointment, where I will dally the afternoon away eating bonbons and reading sleeping (I hope). He’ll retrieve me this evening sometime around 7:00 and we’ll go home, open the windows, and turn on all the fans. Then we’ll finish watching Flushed Away, and maybe get a good night’s sleep.

1 thought on “Thems The Breaks

  1. Fran aka Redondowriter

    Oh, Kathryn, these last days are so hard, I know. But we definitely know it won’t be long now. The shingling thing is maddening, but I know you had no choice in the time selected. Stay cool, dear one. I’m thinking of you while I am at my sister’s in Las Vegas.

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