Ten Things Tuesday

I’ve never participated in this meme before, but Gerry does so I thought I’d do a quick brain dump. Reader beware: the quality of what comes next might be less than intelligent. I should also mention that the meme focuses on 10 things one is thankful for; I wrote it more generally, though it could be said that everything on this list is something for which I’m grateful.

  1. Gas Prices: they are lower here. The cheapest I’ve seen is $4.11 per gallon. I was certain they’d keep climbing, so it’s a relief to see them drop a bit.
  2. Nature: I was out this evening searching fruitlessly for something and ended up at Target. When I emerged from my car I happened to look up and saw an enormous double rainbow! It was a complete arc; one of them was vivid and bright, and the other was muted and soft. I leaned against my car and stared for several minutes. I didn’t find what I wanted to buy but got something better for free!
  3. Oreos: I don’t often do it, but I bought a package of double-stuff Oreos tonight. As I drove home I passed a drugstore and the thought occurred to me: They sell Oreos too, and they are the exact same quality as what I bought elsewhere. Just think about this. You can find the same comforting, fattening, sugar-laden cookie at any retail outlet that sells food, and you can be sure it will be the same all over the U.S. Perhaps individuality is sacrificed, but there is something to be said for consistency. Am I weird, or what?
  4. Music: on this gorgeous 70-degree day I drove home from Claire’s music class and hit the classic rock station. I happened to tune in just as Peter Frampton’s classic “Do You Feel Like We Do?” was on. OMG, I was transported back into the 1970s to when I was about 13. I had a huge crush on Frampton. That song was seven minutes long, and I was in a reverie. I didn’t know until I searched on Google, but that song was recorded live at SUNY Plattsburgh in 1975. (This is relevant to me because I attended a SUNY college, grew up in New York State, and my father is from Plattsburgh.)
  5. More Music: Claire’s got rhythm! At class she loves to stand and rock back and forth to the music. She does this holding on to my hands, and we dance together.
  6. Reading: I’m currently reading a novel that barely holds my attention. It’s supposedly set in the 1780s, but I’m finding the style affected and over-wrought, and I’m skimming much of the book now. Why don’t I quit? Because I want to find out what happens to the heroine, though all along I’ve been able to predict this. Please recommend some good novels to me.
  7. Reading Again: (Is this cheating, using the same topic over?) Claire and I finished the summer reading program at our local library. Claire’s book reward was How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?, and the family-oriented book I chose was I Love Dirt!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature. It seems like a good companion to the book Last Child In the Woods, which I started a few months ago. The activity book is slim and the ideas are simple and obvious, but it was free and is bound to provide a jumping off point for exploration in the future.
  8. Intuition: late this afternoon, Claire sneezed frequently. By the end of the day, she was more tired than usual and clingy and verged on cranky, despite the fact she got the usual solid sleep she gets. Perhaps a cold is coming? I feel it might be. We’ll see if my mother’s intuition is correctly tuned.
  9. Social Networks: I recently joined Facebook because a friend is on it, and that’s where she puts up photos of her child. I’m not sure that being on yet another network is of much, if any, use. But I’m there, and if you’re a member too, find me and be my friend.
  10. Sleep: the magic number of hours for me to feel actually rested and vital is… eleven. Yes, 11 hours of sleep daily seems to be what I need. It isn’t what I always get, in part because I spend about 12 hours a day mothering Claire and would be totally depressed if all I ever did outside of that is sleep. However, speaking of sleep, I should go get some.
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7 Comments on “Ten Things Tuesday”

  1. Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife Says:

    Hi, Kathryn! I’m so glad that you found and joined in “Ten Things Tuesday”!

    This is a really great list! You completely grasped the concept for which this meme was created. Every single day there is SOMETHING we can be thankful for ~ even if it’s Oreos!

    It’s nice to “meet” you. I look forward to exploring your blog. Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Amy Says:

    Welcome to “Ten Things Tuesday,” Kathryn! I really enjoyed reading your list. I hope that you have a blessed week!

    ~ Amy

  3. mzzterry Says:

    I just love you perspective. Wonderful list. I feel like I saw the rainbow and road round the block with you after you bought the Oreos! Please visit me sometimes! WelCome to our group!

  4. gerry rosser Says:

    No Facebook for me.

    Books. I just finished The Book Thief, and found, once it aroused my interest, I didn’t want to put it down. Also, a book I read last year, or the year before, Little, Big, was worth my time.

  5. gerry rosser Says:

    I paid $3.999 yesterday for gas! I guess that’s less than $4.00.

  6. Kathryn Says:

    Do you happen to have an author for Little, Big? I did a quick search, and there are many titles with those words in them.

    I’ve put a hold on the other book at the library. Thanks for the recommendation

  7. sharon Says:

    Hi! Welcome to “Ten Things Tuesday”, I really loved reading your list. I’m on Facebook and I’ll definitely add you as a friend. Oh and if you really love periodicals, you might check Jude Devereaux…she does get a bit risque, but I love her stuff.