Women’s March San Jose

It’s late, and I’m exhausted. I volunteered as a Peace Ambassador at the San Jose march. The march was vibrant with loving and festive energy, creative and clever messages, and a wide diversity of people. About 25,000 activists attended. The Resistance has begun. At the end of the march were speeches, and there were many non-profit booths there. Because after the march comes the nitty gritty work.

Women's March - San Jose, CA - 2017

If my album doesn’t show above, here’s a link: Women’s March – San Jose

And here is a link to the attending and supporting organizations for the Bay Area marches. Scroll down for San Jose.

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  1. Stephanie

    Okay, that’s an awesome photo. So many good signs from those marches. I wanted to attend the one in Portland, but I didn’t get home until after 6am from work, and didn’t get to sleep until 8. By the time I woke up, everything was over 🙁

    Bloggy Bloggy #1

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