SoulCollage® November

SoulCollage® Committee Suit: Our Lady of the Coffee

I am one who requires coffee. I am one who appreciates the daily ritual. I am one whose mind cannot function without a dose. I am one who is a mother and whose work is without end.

What is your gift or message for me?
That I am bottomless and endless and full of energy.

What do you want me to do?
Enjoy imbibing without guilt or concern. Go out more to coffee shops. I am not meant to be drunk alone all the time. Life is messy and it’s ok to spill, and sometimes art arises from what feels like a mistake.

Why did you show up today?
Because I’m ordinary and deeply integral to your life. And because you are feeling like hibernating and more tired because of the season.

If you have a shadow, what would it be? Or, what light do you offer?
The shadow is that drinking more coffee will not resolve your exhaustion if it is coming from other sources. The light is the pleasure of the ritual.

Our Lady of Coffee_Committee

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