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A Little Merry & Bright

It’s the dark season. I need light.

Two strands of garland: $1.98
One string of mini-lights: $2.00
Pleasure derived and sanity maintained: Priceless

christmas 2007 window

I also strung one set of lights (minus the garland) in the office room window. Heck, when Stella goes to use the catbox, doesn’t she deserve a little beauty too? 😉

This was easy and stress-free to do. Someone reminded me that small is beautiful and wished me to have myself a Merry LITTLE Christmas. Ahhh, permission. (I may, I might, still put up the tree. But only if the idea of it provides joy to me and triggers a sense of relaxation. Husband is waiting while I mull it over until next weekend. Well, he told me to wait, and since he’s the one who knows where the stuff is stored and has the strength to pull it out, I’m compelled to oblige.)