In the middle of a pandemic, it’s tempting to wallow in the bad news. This means it’s equally important to make note of the good in the day. So here is my list:

  • People have kindly offered to grocery shop for me.
  • A friend made a couple of masks for our family, and another friend has promised to make one.
  • I talked with one of my sisters today on a video chat, and saw my dad to say hi.
  • Our internet connection was mostly non-glitchy.
  • Claire and I devoured a huge bowl of popcorn as we watch an episode of Cosmos followed by an episode of the Great British Baking Show.
  • I enjoyed a navel orange from my tree.
  • We had an evening family walk after our family dinner.
  • Flowers are blooming and gorgeous.
  • I’m healthy.
  • The day began soft and easy.
  • My daughter seemed less anxious today.
  • I savored my breath.

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