3 thoughts on “Why Clean?

  1. Patti Kramer

    yes, I remember this! kids have to play, and you need to see them, it will change; to school books, papers, videos, cds, glasses, plates, and snack wrappers, not to mention any hobby supplies… Fortunately most kids are trainable. Try a chest in the living room (as a coffee table or extra seating) make a game of picking up. Then the reward, read a book, go to the park, snack time, snuggle… You are doing a great job! worry less.

  2. Barbara

    Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud looking at this diagram. I’m sorry to say that even when children get older this diagram fits. Just different toys and not so much of the unidentified sticky substance!

    Thanks for the smile.


  3. gerry rosser

    Daughter converted a bedroom to a playroom, and now only a few toys are to be found at any time in the family room. Babycakes often plays by herself in the playroom, but occasionally says “Poppy, will you play with me?” I never turn her down

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