Last Post for 2007

What I’ve done today:

  • Said farewell to my MIL as she headed back to her home in Port Townsend, WA.
  • Stocked the larder with lots of groceries (went with Husband and Claire, and she was so fascinated by everything).
  • Made a pasta dinner and a salad.
  • Washed seven loads of laundry and possibly broke the dryer.
  • Vacuumed the living room floor after shaking a can of parmesan cheese that wasn’t completely closed.
  • Begun simmering a ham and bean soup.
  • Took a shower.
  • Played with Claire.
  • Washed dishes.
  • Helped give Claire a bath.
  • Called one of my sisters and my mother.
  • Paid bills.

What I’m doing now:

  • Waiting for the soup to finish.
  • Resting my aching feet on the coffee table.
  • Listening to the dryer, hoping I didn’t burn out the heater.
  • Enjoying silence.
  • Looking forward to sleep and to brunch tomorrow with friends.
  • Heading to bed in the next hour.

What I’ll do tomorrow:

  • Get up when Claire does and take care of her.
  • Enjoy brunch.
  • Start using the good towels (metaphorically speaking).

Happy new year to all!

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