Non-Labor Day

Well, I wish I had news to share.

But as of this moment, Little One continues to hang out. Early this morning I awoke to a dull low backache that lasted for a few moments, but otherwise all is quiet.

Believe me, when the action starts in earnest, I’ll definitely post the news. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Non-Labor Day

  1. Laurel

    My mother had just come home from the doctor who told her that I wasn’t due for another week when she began to experience a dull, unrelenting back pain. She took my older brother out for a walk and by the time she got back, the pain was so bad she couldn’t stand up. She’d barely gotten back to their 2nd floor duplex when her water broke.

    By the time the ambulance came, I was already cresting. She remembers the panicked attendant telling her in the back of the ambulance: Don’t push. Whatever you do, don’t push.

    Got her to the hospital just in the nick of time. They never even got her to the delivery room.

    Sorry your labor day wasn’t a labor day.

    But soon. Oh, soon!

  2. Shirl

    Do you have a post all set that says, I’m on the way so DH can just push a button? We’re all so curious! Seems like you still have your humor, and that’s a good thing!

  3. Kathryn Post author

    I’ve got a birth post all ready and a friend who will take care of publishing it. I figure I’ll have enough warning to post once labor begins — and of course if she doesn’t come before the sixth, I’ll write a post before I go into the hospital for the induction.

    This is a good lesson in patience. I’m not sure I’m learning it all that well!

  4. Psipsina

    I’ve never had a child, so nothing I say comes from my own experience, but I just wanted to share this with you. I’ve heard that the forty weeks of pregnancy are typically counted from your last menstrual period. When you think about this, it’s kind of silly, since you probably ovulated, and therefore conceived, a couple of weeks later.

    So I would say your daughter isn’t late – she’s right on time!

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