It has been warm here, and humid. Today the temperature hit 88F. I’ve noticed that Little One, when it is hot out, tends to move less. That’s interesting, because even though I feel hot, I’m sure my body temperature is stable. Sleep (if it can be called that) is unpredictable. I’m up every single hour to pee and, since the past nights have not cooled quickly, the quality of my unconsciousness is poor. I walk with puffy feet and type with sausage fingers. It’s a time of waiting and being quiet.

My brother has been visiting since last Friday, and we’ve enjoyed each other. He’s attending a conference at Stanford, so most days he’s been gone, but we have evenings.

My OB appointment was moved from Thursday to Friday. We’ll see whether she has dropped (it doesn’t feel as though she has) and what we might decide to do.