Routine? Hah! Routine Is For Mortals.

Yesterday I awoke at 11 a.m. and accomplished many household tasks. I finished a knitting project. Cooked a nice pasta dinner. Took a walk with Husband.

Around 9 p.m. until 1 a.m., Little One was rearranging the furniture inside. I have never experienced so much activity. You could see my belly rolling with bumps and nudges, jiggling like Santa’s. We laughed that she must be getting ready. At one point I think she turned herself sideways; I could feel something large and round and firm in my side, and I think it was her head. That’s not the direction we want her headed in, and now I don’t know if she’s in position anymore. But there’s time, and the doctor will check tomorrow.

Anyhow, as usual I was not sleepy until 3-4 a.m. I went to bed, but I could not get comfortable. I felt crowded in the bed and kept getting up to use the bathroom, because all of me was restless. Finally I gave up and took a hot shower at 5 a.m. Then I dressed and went to the grocery store. I’m never out at this time of day, and it felt like a secret adventure. Shopping was blissfully easy. I was the only customer in the whole store. Staff were in the aisles replenishing shelves, and I was greeted many times. Very pleasant! Perhaps I should shop at this time more often. I found everything I needed.

When I returned home I made scones from scratch. And then a wave of sleep washed over me around 7:30 a.m., so I headed to bed. Didn’t even change into jammies. I awoke when Husband readied for work at 9:30; he asked why I was in street clothes. I told him. He helped me peel them off and get into bed. I slept until 1 p.m. and now feel very off-kilter with the order of ordinary life. My body cycle is as turned around as my daughter is in my belly. I suppose we’re both preparing. I’ve given up on routine sleep at the moment, which is good practice for what’s coming.

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  1. Liora

    Wow this makes you sound close, but hey, I know nothing about the mysteries of birthin’ babies. Just sounds like baby is getting a little active. Do YOU feel ready is the question. Can a mom-to-be ever feel ready?

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