To my relief, Husband was excused from the jury summons because he served earlier this year, and we had a copy of the last summons to prove it. (I’m so glad we save that kind of stuff.)

Another thing I’m pleased about is that I tested negative for Group B Strep. It’s a bacteria women can carry but not be affected by (30% of all women have it, I read), but that can infect newborns in the birth process and cause pneumonia. Women who test positive receive intravenous antibiotics throughout labor to alleviate that risk. I may end up hooked to IVs or monitors, but at least this is one less, and that’s good!

Let’s see, other things we’ve done… we installed the car seat base today and practiced putting the infant carrier in and taking it out. I’ll take it to an inspection place so experts can confirm if we’ve installed it properly.

We decided on her middle name now! [rant] Just for the record, I’m not one of those people who thinks it’s possible to look at a newborn and say, “She doesn’t look like a [insert name]! She looks like a [different name]!” and then change to a backup name. I’ve never believed anyone looked like a name — at least, not when they are just freakin’ born. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about her name and its meaning and what we hope for her, and that’s not going to change if she has red hair instead of brown or something. I’ve had more people say that to me than I care to think about, and I actually find it irksome. If you think that might be the case for your child, fine, but don’t utter it as a truism. [/rant]

Husband fixed the guest/baby bathroom shower. I’d kind of given up on that getting done, so I’m inordinately pleased. The shower had sliding glass doors instead of a curtain rod. It’s our only tub, and it felt claustrophobic to use. The door would make it hard to bathe a child; I want to be able to easily reach her. (I realize at the beginning she’ll be too small to bathe there, but soon enough she’ll grow; meanwhile, I’ll certainly want to take a hot soak.) So we removed it and put it in storage. Tomorrow I’ll buy a curtain rod and put up a shower curtain. Much more civilized, I think.

My mother sent some more clothing, some of it for cooler weather (coming soon!), so I need to sort and put that away.

Someone recommended putting three layers of fitted sheets on the crib with each layer separated by a waterproof pad. That way when baby leaks in the middle of the night, all one has to do is pull off the top wet sheet and the pad underneath, and there’s a clean, dry sheet waiting. It seems like a helpful idea, so I’ve got the items. I need help putting them on, because this belly of mine really keeps me at arm’s length from most things these days.

Our bag is packed. I keep telling her there’s more room out here, but I know she’ll get here when she’s ready. Until then I’m going to knit, listen to books on CD, take short walks, and love on the cat, who is in for a rude awakening.

5 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. Eden

    I agree about the first name. I look at Z sometimes & think “she could have pulled off [name]” but her name suits her so well. The kid makes the name 😉

    About the wetting in the night, when baby is a newborn & doesn’t move too much, I like these (“sheet savers” @ Babies R Us if link doesn’t come through). In fact, we use them now in Z’s bed as she potty trains. They’re also good on changing tables.

    Another good idea is the zip-off sheets. I wish I had more of the Quick Zip crib sheets. You don’t have to lift the mattress out to change the sheet. You just zip off the central part and zip in a replacement.

    And teh best crib sheets are from Land’s End. They’re super stretchy elastic all the way around, wash well and are SO much easier to change than other sheets (except for the zip-off sheets). Changing crib sheets = a huge pain in the butt. 😉 Baby = soooo worth it.

  2. Emy

    You know, I’ve faithfully registered to vote every single place that I’ve lived since I was 18, and I always change my driver’s license to wherever I’m living at the time, and in those 20 years, I’ve never once gotten a jury duty summons. Not *once*. I wonder if they go alphabetically?

    (I’m pretty sure my mom’s gotten summoned, so that still might not be it.)

  3. gerry rosser

    I’ve never understood the “looks like [a name]” thing either. Since names are completely arbitrary, it just never made sense.
    I am sure your excitement outweighs your discomfort. I’m excited for you!
    No baby bed advice from me.

  4. Psipsina

    Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only person who thinks that glass shower doors are awful – too hard to clean, too unfriendly, and not any less prone to leaks than curtains, if you use curtains properly. We just bought a new house and have spent two weeks taking baths while we combed the city (and finally, successfully, the internet) for a heavy-duty canvas shower curtain that can be washed.

    I’ve only been called once for jury duty in the last 19 years. (Crosses fingers …)

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