Frugal Toy

Yesterday Claire and I went to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. We had lots of fun with the rides. One of the featured activities was Cardboard City. Visitors are encouraged to play and create a city of cardboard based on imagination in the Meadow, using old boxes and paint. And this gave me an idea.

I’ve been wanting to give Claire a barn to play with, but many of them are outrageously expensive. So I found an old box and, with a little cutting and taping and painting, ended up with a barn. Claire helped me paint the barn red. Then I took over with the roof and trim, and collaged the inside of the box. I’ve had the paint, paper, and tape on hand for years, so for a very minimal cost we have a toy barn! It may not last as long as a wooden one, but we had fun making it (especially me). Now all we need are some farm animals!

barn from a box
barn inside
close-up of walls
claire exploring
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One Comment on “Frugal Toy”

  1. Kathy in San Jose Says:

    Very, very nice job on the barn (and all the other crafty stuff too)! You do more to engage with Claire and develop her imagination than 95% of the parents out there. Good for you!
    And by the way, the “go away” part of it – absolutely normal behavior for an almost-3 year old. Yes, moving may have contributed, but there is a period of time in which every child shows a marked preference for one adult over all others.