Toe-Tapping Music

On this rainy Saturday, with a feverish, coughing child, I stumbled across this peppy little video. For more of Kristin Andreassen’s music, lookie here! I learned about Kristen from a blog that’s new to me — One Person. Everyday — which, of course, I found via Patti Digh, of the blog called 37 Days.

If the embedded video doesn’t work, click here to see it.

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3 Comments on “Toe-Tapping Music”

  1. Jan Says:

    I watched Kristin perform this song at an Uncle Earl performance in Ann Arbor last year. She’s great, whether on her own or with Uncle Earl.

  2. Joyce Says:


  3. Laura Says:

    Oh my, that is GORGEOUS. Thank you for posting it – I had not heard the song or seen the video, either one. Lovely, lovely.