I’m feeling quieter and quieter on the blog these days. It’s probably evident to anyone who regularly reads it. My hands are busy with knitting, my days are full with activity. We went to the zoo on Sunday; each time we go Claire is more entranced. My mother-in-law is visiting in early September, and my eldest sister is coming for a visit in late September. In just seven weeks Claire will turn two! The photo below was taken by a friend when we visited her last Friday. Claire reveled in the garden and sandbox.

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2 Comments on “Silence”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    Just don’t quit blogging!

    Even though I may not comment on every post, you are still at the top of my contact list.

    One of the most wonderful things about childhood (sadly, I see this more in observation now than personal memory), is the ability to be fascinated by so many things and be totally in the moment. I actively try to stop my “monkey mind” from distracting me from the joys and pleasures of Now.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Wow, 2 already?! I guess I have been reading here a long time. Even though I’ve been lax in commenting over the last year or so, I’m still here (in your reader ranks). Hope all is well.