Dyed Rice

While Claire napped, I started a new endeavor. Last week we dyed pasta for making projects, and she helped. But the rice was going to be much messier, so I waited until she napped. I wanted to make her a surprise (which I will give her Friday morning).

I did some research and found helpful instructions. You can go to The Forester Clan for instructions.

I used food dye and rubbing alcohol, and here are some notations:

  • I started using watercolor from my set, but the rice hardly absorbed the color. I used scarlet red, but the rice turned out pink (which is fine, but I realized then I should use food color and alcohol). It took longer to dry, too.
  • At first I used only two teaspoons of alcohol in the zip-lock bag, with 20 drops of color and two cups of rice. This produced a batch of lighter colored rice with variations — some grains light and others dark.
  • By using more alcohol — about two or three tablespoons — the rice took the color more thoroughly.
  • I dried the riced in the oven on baking sheets at low heat, around 180-200F.
  • I made some colors according to food coloring box, and in all I ended up with 14 colors: white (no dye), pink, red, watermelon red, raspberry, light orange, dark orange, light yellow, dark yellow, green, jungle green, teal, blue, indigo.
  • I put it all in a bin of low height to make easy scooping. I kept the colors separate so Claire can have the fun of blending it all.

And here are the results.

wet rice waiting to be dried
in the oven drying
rainbow rice
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3 Comments on “Dyed Rice”

  1. Kathy in San Jose Says:

    Hey – where’s the purple?! (Kidding!) Claire’s going to have so much fun with it. You can have her work on her fine motor skills and visual acuity too, to separate out different colors when they’re mixed.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I have a hard time getting purple. The noodles didn’t take purple well. The indigo color was supposed to be purple according to the instructions — though the raspberry seems closer, sort of.

    Looking forward to giving it to her Friday morning! 😉

  3. Jan Says:

    Kathryn, you are the perfect mom. I always wished I could spend time with crafts like these (hard when you’re a single parent of three boys and working full-time). Claire is lucky she has someone so special to expand her creative expression. Do these crafts end up as mommy and daughter projects? Hope we see a picture of how the colors combine.