Pumpkin Fun

When we went to the pumpkin farm a couple weeks ago, I decided not to buy big pumpkins. Claire picked out a teeny one for herself. Since literally no one comes to trick-or-treat at our house in this town home complex, I haven’t carved a pumpkin — especially since my last attempt (in 2007) ended up with a slashed thumb due to my overtired condition.

I want Claire to have the fun of pumpkin carving and lighting, but I’m not sure I’m “up” for it yet; besides, she’s still young. The other day I saw pie pumpkins on sale, so I bought four for Claire to paint. It’s washable paint, which means after Halloween I can wash, bake, and puree them for pie (and for Claire, who really likes to eat plain pureed pumpkin).

She is still a little under the weather — she got an ear infection in the past week — so she spent the day in jammies and stayed inside. Here are the results:

painted pie pumpkins
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One Comment on “Pumpkin Fun”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    From my perspective, they could take all the acreage wasted on punkins and grow actual food.

    Maybe I’m just getting old.