When I Say It’s Right Outside Her Window, I Mean It Literally

garbage truck

This truck, as well as the recycling truck, arrive at variable times every Thursday morning and are usually responsible for ruining Claire’s morning nap. This morning, by some fluke, she got a 90 minute nap in before the first truck arrived. She needs another nap but the other one hasn’t come through yet. It’s also impossible to avoid the smell of diesel exhaust even when her window is closed. Fortunately this only happens for about 10 minutes once a week.

We’ve made it a habit to watch the garbage truck since December, and now the garbage man always looks up and waves at us and smiles. She’s fascinated by it all, though cautious about the big noises. The roar of the motor that lifts the cans is louder, even, than the truck engine.

Claire’s got the sneezies and runny nose again, plus a little cough. And a sore bottom (four poops today and all before 10 a.m.); she cried at her last changing and I used Calmoseptine. And maybe another tooth coming in, because she’s a river of drool and chewing on everything.

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One Comment on “When I Say It’s Right Outside Her Window, I Mean It Literally”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    I recall that our little Babycakes did not like loud noises when she was little (still doesn’t). One of her first commonly used words was “noise” when she heard something which startled her and which she didn’t recognize. I, or someone, would always reassure her it wasn’t a problem, and tell her what it was.

    Do I recall correctly that infants have only two natural fears: loud sudden noises and falling?