I felt woozy the past couple of days. Every time I stood up or got up from the floor, the blood would rush from my head, I’d hear ringing in my ears, and the edge of my vision would go white. I also felt hot but not feverish, as though the room was just too warm. I was a little dizzy — not room-spinning dizzy, just off-balance. I thought perhaps that, being sleep deprived, I’d also neglected eating decently. So I ate a hearty meal and took a three hour nap yesterday. (Thanks to my MIL, or that would not have been possible.) I awoke still feeling weird, called my doctor, and they fit me in.

After a brief visit and two blood-pressure readings (one sitting and the other standing), the preliminary diagnosis was simply dehydration. I drink enough water, or so I think, but apparently not. My blood pressure dropped significantly when I moved from sitting to standing. It had been awhile since I saw him, so the doctor also ordered blood tests: anemia, blood sugar, thyroid, vitamin B12, and cholesterol, just to be sure. I went home, drank a quart of water, and I did feel much better.

However, I still feel a little funky. Possibly this is just exhaustion. Husband came home last night commenting that he too felt a little woozy. I ran an errand last night to Baby Depot, where I searched for long-sleeved bodysuits (no legs) in a slightly larger size, as Claire is getting too big for the ones she has and we’re still using the legless outfits because she’s being changed so frequently. I found one package and made my way toward the registers. When I saw the line of customers snaking out the front of the store (probably 75 people in line) and two registers open, I promptly returned the package to its location and left. I thought: what folly to have attempted this! Yet it had seemed so important I get out to find these. I returned home empty-handed and rued having wasted the gas, time, and effort.

Today it is rainy. There are no errands to run. It’s a good stay to stay indoors to read and play and nap. Claire’s bottom is better (not entirely but much), and the tummy problems are slowly clearing up. She’s still not feeling up to a lot of play. We’ve done a lot of cuddling.

How interesting that this is a season of pushing ourselves to make merry, do more more more, decorate, buy gifts we hope will please and impress, when it’s the very time of year our bodies want to rest. Winter is a season of restoration. Yes, we need reminders that the light will return, and it’s enjoyable to see twinkly colored lights everywhere, but a little bit goes a long way. How can you enjoy it if you’re busy fighting for a parking space? Stay home. Nestle in. Put on your jammies and make a cup of cocoa. Maybe bake a batch of cookies (no need to make 15 different kinds; one will do). Let yourself sleep when your body is tired. Eat when you’re hungry. Give yourself over to the real season.

Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season
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4 Comments on “Hibernation”

  1. Karen Says:

    Love it. Love you. (Don’t love the flu.)

  2. lkd Says:

    Is the baby acting normally?

    (ha ha — I know, that’s a load question…but you know what I mean, right? She’s not sluggish or acting unusual?)

    Is the cat acting normally?

    (again, a loaded question, since acting normally for a cat can cover a wide range of behavior)

    Only reason I ask is that I sat up in my chair when you said that you AND hub feel woozy. If all humans and animals in the household are acting or feeling oddly….

    it might not be the flu.

    I won’t go blurting out what I think it could be because I’m too quick all the time to diagnose or suppose, but I think you might know where I’m going with this.

    I’m probably wrong.

    Just be careful, eh?

    And if I forget to wish you so on the day, since it’s December 20th and I’m still back in November somewhere,
    Merry Christmas, friend.

    Thanks again for that red leaf. It was a bright spot on an otherwise black day.

    I think everything’s going to be (fingers crossed) okay now.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Well, my MIL is here and she feels fine. The baby is getting over her reaction to the formula and seems more chipper each day, and the cat just sleeps as usual. Maybe Husband and I exchanged some kind of germ for Christmas. 😉 Thanks for the concern, though. Sending warm wishes your way!

    Karen: Likewise!

  4. lkd Says:


    I feel better now.

    2 woozy people made me….nervous.

    Merry, merry, K.

    ps: I have to say that I was relieved, for lack of any better word, when I read your post the other day when you said that you felt that shift, finally (FINALLY!!!!) from mother to mommy. It has to be the best feeling in the world.

    Go, you. You’re my hero. You know that, right? This is brave stuff you’re doing here. Not for the faint of heart, motherhood.