Time For Fun

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.

–John Lubbock

So while my daughter rests suspended in her dark, cozy, warm room listening to the rhythm of my heart and being nourished through her belly, I too will be sure to rest. I came home from my doctor appointment and slept for several hours.

In the past week I’ve softened a little bit but not dilated, and my babe still hangs high. We’ve scheduled an induction for September 6 (I’ll be 41 and 1/2 weeks). I was assured that if by next week I’m no riper and she’s not lower, we can change that to a planned C-section. By waiting until the 6th we give her more opportunity to initiate labor on her own.

So I have two more weeks to be with her in this way — and two more weeks to take the advice of the wife of Husband’s coworker to have some fun (some of these made me laugh out loud):

  • Go to Safeway and buy a pregnancy test. If anyone asks, tell them you have some suspicions.
  • Go out to lunch all by yourself — someplace with cloth napkins and no crayons/coloring page placemats. Eat whatever you want. Linger over dessert.
  • Watch a whole movie from start to finish in one sitting without interruption.
  • Change your answering machine message to: “Yes, we had the baby and we didn’t tell you. Don’t you feel foolish for not calling to find out more often?”
  • If people ask when you are due — tell them November, triplets.
  • If you find yourself in a long line, crumple forward and moan — presto! New line opens just for you.
  • Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure — this is the time that you can get the extra leg massage for free.
  • The notion that sex induces labor is lie perpetrated by husbands.
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7 Comments on “Time For Fun”

  1. Laurel Says:

    How close are you to Caioti’s Pizza?

    That’s the place with the famous salad that supposedly causes pregnant women to go into labor.

    Maybe some greens will put your daughter in the mood to come out and say hi to the world.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Road trip!!!!! 😉

    It’s only 336 miles south of us. (I’m only half joking here.) I’ve got a friend who’s birthday is this Sunday the 26th. Wonder if we could all take a jaunt. But then it would be just my luck to go into labor on the road going home, and that would make for a wild ride.

    I’ll look at their menu and see if they list the salad ingredients. Maybe I can replicate it. Wouldn’t that be something?!

    Of course, Snopes declares this urban legend is false. It’s fun to think about, though.

  3. leah Says:

    ha! i love that answering machine one!! 🙂

  4. CARLA Says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    It is the balsamic vinegar…and I ate it ‘liberally’;) on my salad every single day past my due date!! And, yes, walaa! 4 days later… labor began!! So, here’s to a li’l urban legend:) and, I too, had a daughter!

    All the best to you…you are living your dream come true:)


  5. Drowned Girl Says:

    Go into the toilet, shut the door and do your business in private.

    While you can.

    Do not leap up mid-flow to deal with some child related crisis
    Try to hold the door shut with your foot while someone tries to push their way in
    Balance a baby on your lap

    etc etc

  6. Shirl Says:

    Whew! what a fun list.

    Thank you for sharing your special time!

  7. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    That was a great list and I hope you actually pull a few of the suggestions off–like the TV and the dinner out with no placemat coloring set.

    Thinking of you. I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow night for a few days to see my sister, but I’ll be checking in to get your update.