It’s On Flickr, But Do I Dare Put This On the Blog?

I took my last pregnancy photo last night (actually Husband snapped it). I am in my full glory, having donned a bathing suit to take a cooling dip in the pool. I feel a bit shy, because I am a big, big girl. I wasn’t always, but I started the pregnancy big, and this is what I am now — the Venus of Willendorf, almost. Mika wrote his song Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) for women like me. Click below to see the photo.

week 39

Me at 39 weeks, 3 days

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15 Comments on “It’s On Flickr, But Do I Dare Put This On the Blog?”

  1. Emy Says:

    You’re so pretty. 🙂

  2. GreenishLady Says:

    You are indeed beautiful. Such a happy, happy picture. Kathryn, I’ve been away a while and not reading blogs, so if you have already been nominated for a Reflecting Blogger award, I’m sorry to trouble you, but I want to let you know that your blog inspires me and has done for a long time. I’ve posted a piece about it at the end of this long post – so just go to the end section if you’re feeling tired!

    Best of luck in the coming days.

  3. leah Says:

    you look gorgeous. and oh, so happy!! xoxo

  4. Melissa Says:

    You are stunning and beautiful with hips beating tympanic Mother Earth drumbeats beckoning attention to Life-bearing womb and Love-giving Mother. Breathtakingly beautiful creature called Woman, Mother, Gaia, the One Who Runs with Wolves, brave and amazing!

    See? You can even inspire spontaneous poetry. 🙂 I wish you a safe, healthy and swift childbirth. Enjoy the arrival of your sweetpea!

  5. Karen Says:

    Still smiling.

  6. Eden Says:

    Lovely. And you’re supposed to be big: there’s a person inside you!

  7. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Kathryn, you are drop dead gorgeous–a madonna soon to be holding that little girls in your arm instead of your belly. I loved the song and the reminder of Willendorf. Only a few more days now.

  8. kate Says:

    . . . why yes you are! 🙂

  9. angel Says:

    I agree … you look so very, very happy and that’s what makes you so beautiful! I remember that feeling …. so round and so full that I felt like I was going to burst, or at least topple over. I can’t wait to see the beautiful angel inside, soon to make her grand entrance into the world!

    Peace to you!

  10. daisy Says:

    You look fabulous! I am so happy for you. I am not a small girl either and I hope to be just a godess like as you, in 10 months or so (fingers crossed)! You are an inpiration. Love it!!!

  11. Mouse Says:

    The bloom of late pregnancy makes beautiful madonnas of all women and you look so radiant and happy!
    Wishing you well in the next few weeks…

  12. Kate Says:

    Hooray! You’re gorgeous!

  13. Brenda Says:

    You look absolutely AMAZING, m’ dear!! I wish I’d have had the courage to take photos like this…I always wanted to get nude shots, but felt too self conscious. Cherish every moment of time you have to yourself now because, while you’re anxious to share this life outside with that precious little girl, it’s so nice to have some quality time to yourself.

    And I cannot second enough the suggestion that you get a pedicure! And a massage, too…oh, how absolutely WONDERFUL that felt at 39 weeks!! 🙂

  14. Marilyn Says:

    I think you look GLORIOUS! I’m sure I speak for many who’ve been reading here for quite awhile to say that we’re excited at the prospect of ‘meeting’ your little one. Hope these last couple of weeks of your pregnancy are lovely.

  15. Nancy Says:

    You are just beautiful. I know you are so ready to meet your sweet girl and hold her. Glad to see that you are doing all of the best things for you right now and enjoying this quiet time. Sending you love and good wishes for the birth. Will be anxious to hear all about it. Love to you.