‘Nother Day

Well, whatever funk hit me yesterday held off today (or disappeared?). Last evening I went to Purlescence for social knit. About eight women were there. It felt good to knit and listen, interjecting a question or thought occasionally. We talked about knitting, our work, family. Toward the end of the evening I mentioned I had much needed to get out of the house. They inquired as to why, and I shared a bit about my life, receiving comforting words of encouragement on the child issue and a reminder to be kind to myself.

Today I focused on tasks that I dearly want to cross off my list. I also went for an early morning walk; later I walked to the Mission Library where I met my learner for two hours, and it was a productive session. On the walk home I had an idea for making some ornaments out of leftover polymer clay. I took a half an hour to listen to my hypnosis CD (I now readily relax into it, and it does have a positive effect on my motivation to exercise). I wrapped presents, vacuumed the entire house, and started a tomato sauce with hot Italian turkey sausage. It’s simmering merrily along, filling the house with basil and oregano and garlic perfume.

In half an hour Husband will be home, and M is coming over for dinner (his wife is still visiting relatives, so he’s “batching it”).

Maybe I should avoid stores and malls this month. That’s what seemed to trigger melancholy.

Tomorrow I’m taking a knitting class (yes, another), and then I’ll lead the HOBA Lend a Hand with Snuggles for Animals project. I’ll spend five hours at the yarn store tomorrow. That’s dangerous for the wallet!

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4 Comments on “‘Nother Day”

  1. Winston Says:

    I heard or read somewhere that more people develop depression this time of year than any other. Solution is to ignore the whole holiday bash and mash…

  2. gerry rosser Says:

    Glad you perked up. I am real familiar with up-and-down cycles, and consider them normal (for me). I have gotten better (and I’m not complacent about that) at talking myself out of the down ones and enjoying the others. It isn’t nearly so extreme as bipolar.
    Years ago a therapist I had for a while referred to an issue he called “excess rumination.” This involves something getting into my head and my stream of thought just won’t let go of it–I compare it to something “burning in” on a monitor. It’s a pain, and the worst aspect of it is that it immobilizes me.
    So, what hypnosis CD are you using? Maybe I could use something like that.

  3. donna Says:

    Oooh, I like that clay ornament idea. I’m gonna make me some ornamenties!

  4. donna Says:

    And gerry, don’t be so sure you’re not bipolar – I was diagnosed with mild depression until I had my one-time-only over the top manic episode.

    Lamictal is a wonder drug for me. it’s actually an anti-seizure drug, and pretty much stops that whole thought rumination thing cold for me, and no side effects to speak of. I’ve been taking it for several years now and have no depression, no manic episodes, just smooth sailing. I still can get down or angry or overly happy, yes, but I can *control* it, and it doesn’t spiral out of control.