Art Every Day Month 2006


Last year I joined Kat at Kat’s Paws to make art everyday in November. You can see the results here.

I wasn’t focused on doing it this year, in part because I felt a lot of internal pressure last year. I was unemployed then and spent a lot of time making art. I’m not complaining. It’s just that I could not imagine working full-time and producing a work of art daily. I won’t be employed this time either, but I don’t want to make this as “big” as I did last year. I considered that maybe I’d just work on art every day and not focus on the number of pieces. Turns out Kat has the same idea. We’ll see if I can approach it with a little less internal pressure. (However, I know myself well. I’m dubious.)

With the exception of the donation box, the watercolor envelopes, and the triptyche I made for work, I haven’t done any non-knitting art since August 2nd. I just didn’t have the energy (I could have made the time). So this will be fun, I think.

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2 Comments on “Art Every Day Month 2006”

  1. kat Says:

    have fun with it, kathryn! i understand the internal pressure well. but try to make it playful. allowing myself to make “bad art” can be helpful for me getting started. (((hugs and love)))

  2. Jana Says:

    I love the drawing! Especially the top part… the hope of greener days ahead!!!