Movement, Change, Becoming

Answering a question posed by a reader who wanted to know what one of the bulletin board quotes was (it was too blurry):

Reality is a flowing. This does not mean that everything moves, changes, becomes. Science and common experience tell us that. It means that movement, change, becoming is everything that there is. There is nothing else; everything is movement, is change. The time that we ordinarily think about is not real time, but a picture of space.

–Henri-Louis Bergson

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3 Comments on “Movement, Change, Becoming”

  1. Fran Says:

    Hope you will share how the Artists Way is coming. I put my seashell photo in a place of honor on my frig today. I had it in my bathroom, but I want others to enjoy it, too.

  2. Winston Says:

    I love bulletin board, bumper sticker, and T-shirt philosophy, and have collected reams of them myself. But there is a problem with many of them, like this one, when taken out of context of what the author was trying to convey. You seem to chase your own tail and in the end say “…huh?…”

    Nonetheless, good fodder for getting the thinking juices flowing. And this particular one has an almost oriental feeling of tranquility. Your own cork-board Feng Shui.

  3. Erin Says:

    Thank-you for posting it!