Why Men Talk Less Than Women

Brain imaging research indicates there are both structural and chemical differences in male and female brains which may provide clues on why men are less verbal and women usually more so.

From The Mind of a Man – Trustworthy, Physician-Reviewed Information from WebMD:

“When he sprawls on the couch with the remote at the end of the day, a guy may not be deliberately ignoring his wife or girlfriend. The male brain rejuvenates differently than the female brain does, Gurian says. ‘Using brain scans, University of Pennsylvania neuroscientist Ruben Gur found that the male brain goes to a rest state to rejuvenate much more than the female brain does. To build brain cells and restore himself, a man needs to ‘zone out,” Gurian says. That’s why he channel-surfs or stares at the computer.

But the female brain, thanks to all that oxytocin, wants to bond at the end of the day in order to rejuvenate. ‘She wants to talk, using all those verbal centers, and she wants to get close to him,’ Gurian says. But the timing’s all off. ‘If the wife takes a break and vents first to someone else — a friend on the phone, perhaps — and lets her husband rejuvenate during that zone-out period, he’ll be much more prepared to listen later on, during dinner, for example. It’s all about timing.'”

The researchers are careful to point out that male-female differentiation is a continuum, and that some men are better at talking while some women would rather fix things than talk.

Gurian also says that these findings should not be used by men as an excuse to zone out, but as information that helps men and women understand each other so that both can get their needs met.

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One Comment on “Why Men Talk Less Than Women”

  1. kat Says:

    that’s funny. my bf and i often function in the opposite manner after work. I like to wind down in front of the computer or tv and he wants to snuggle and be paid attention to!