As a creativity facilitator, I collaborate with people to help them tap into their vitality, wisdom, and joy.

For a free 30 minute sample session or to schedule a session, please contact me at, or call 408-829-3319. Sessions can be done on the phone or via Zoom.

Individual sessions can be 1-2 hours in length. My fee is a sliding scale of $40-$80 per session.

Due to Covid-19, SoulCollage® Salons are on hiatus. They are generally 3-4 hours long and cost $20 per person. All supplies are included. To arrange a SoulCollage® Salon, please contact me at, or call 408-829-3319.

I have a master’s degree in counseling and a credential in Texas as an Licensed Professional Counselor, and I have over a decade of experience counseling and coaching people.

Question: What are the qualities of an effective creativity facilitator?

Key qualities include the ability to listen, communicate, be creative, form connection with others, and to persevere.

This is what some people have shared about my qualifications.


  • “She is a very open, unpretentious, and empathetic person and she listens well.“ –A.P.
  • “She is a good, active listener, fully present to the conversation. She is trustworthy; I don’t worry that what I confide in her will come back to haunt me.” –M.P.B.
  • “Her eyes are caring and patient. She listens intently and is authentic.” –K.G.
  • “[She is] a good listener – she connects by providing articulate feedback, rephrasing, and advice when asked for. It’s never heavy-handed. She is concerned and sympathetic, empathetic. Compassionate – she feels for others (problems, pain, fears).”– L.P.
  • “She empathizes with people and looks for the issues hidden under the surface.” –G.K.H.
  • “She is open to new ideas and ways of thinking (in other words open minded and nonjudgmental).” –P.W.
  • “She is always willing to listen to others even if they only need to just sit there, and [she] listens without saying anything.” –S.M.


  • “She is very good at expressing herself and has a strong sense of priorities. She knows what is important to her.” –D.M.
  • “She is well read and an interesting conversationalist. She is outgoing, vivacious, with a great sense of humor”. –G.K.H.
  • “I find her exceptionally articulate. She has powerful writing skills.” –P.W.
  • “Good sense of humor – she has a great laugh. Silly!” –L.P.


  • “She has an intelligent and curious nature, an appreciation for sophistication of thought, and a facility for language and self-expression.” –T.P.
  • “She has artistic ability – an eye for what looks good and the ability to arrange things in a pleasing way. Exploratory – not sure how to describe this, but she always seems to be looking for new ideas and ways of thinking/being.” –L.P.
  • “She still has the ability to play.” –P.W.
  • “She is creative, able to express herself whether it’s coloring in public or drawing in private because she wants to; she allows herself this.” –M.P.B.
  • “I also think her attention to detail is a great asset and could be utilized in a creative or artistic way.” –D.M


  • “She is a courageous and tenacious person, particularly for picking up her life and moving it halfway across the country sight unseen to take on a new adventure, or going to Europe by herself. In particular she’s shown tenacity in pursuing the goals most important to her despite obstacles.” –A.P.
  • “Stubborn – maybe a strange thing to put on the positives list, but it has often served her well when sticking to plans/dreams when others haven’t understood or given her enough support.” -L.P.
  • “One of her assets is her ability to support her decisions once she has made them. She just forges on ahead and ‘damn the torpedoes!’ She has a lot of personal courage too.” –M.P.


  • “A connector – meaning she reaches out to family and friends, often trying to bring them together in one group. She seeks to have others connected as well, being a mediator or go-between.” –L.P.
  • “She particularly has a knack for managing the details of her numerous diverse relationships, always seemingly knowing who’s doing what, that sort of thing.” –T.P.
  • “What comes to mind when I think of her is that great smile she has…every time she smiles, it tells me that everything is OK even if I think things won’t be. Looking at someone can be amazing and powerful…she has those qualities just in her smile.” –K.G.