Companion Suit Cards

Companion Suit: Animal guides imagined in our body’s energy centers.

Companion Suit: 7th Chakra - Egg

Seventh Chakra – Crown – Egg

I am one who exists before beginning. I am unhindered by the material world. I am one who is being, becoming, generation, and flow. I am formless and contained in all.


Sixth Chakra – Third Eye – Owl

I am one who perceives using intuition. I am one who envisions that which is hidden. I sense movement and can detect it from a distance. I fly high enough to see from a broad perspective. I symbolize wisdom.


Fifth Chakra – Throat/Voice – Humpback Whale

I am one who is social and thrives in community. I am One who dances to the rhythm of the moon and tides. I am One who dives deeply and lives in the Mystery. I am One who sings even if no one is listening. I am a Presence to be reckoned with.

Companion Suit: Butterfly - 4th Chakra - Heart

Fourth Chakra – Heart – Caterpillar/Butterfly

I am one who begins life in one form, and through the miracle of metamorphosis, transforms into a radically different being. Although I am completely changed, I also remain the same. I enter life crawling and die flying. I unite the tangible and mystical. The symmetry of my form reflects the perfection of unconditional love.

Companion Suit: 3rd Chakra - Honeybee

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus – Honeybee

I am one who is a keystone species. The survival of many depends on my work. I am diligent. I am one who is intricately involved in the web of life, who fertilizes and fosters growth. I am one who lives in community and works seamlessly with others toward our common goal: living and thriving. I communicate intuitively with others. I perceive energy around me and read the world this way.


Second Chakra – Sacral – Bonobo

I am one who lives in peaceable community. Rather than fight, I prefer to resolve disagreements lovingly, intimately, and depending on the relationship, sometimes sensually. Love and friendship integrate and form the core of my life. I am one who prefers experiencing the energy of creativity, sex, and emotions without words and with all my senses.

Companion Suit: Turtle - 1st Chakra - Root

First Chakra – Root – Turtle

I am one who lives intimately with the roots of the earth. I am one who is hardy. I am one who moves deliberately. I am one who travels at the speed of eternity. I carry the earth and its Source in me.