Community Suit Cards

Community Suit: Our guiding sentient beings, teachers, loved ones, pets, even places.



I am one who journeys with you. I am one who joins you in the quiet places. I find encounters with nature spiritual. I am one who glows with joy in the woods. I am one who is as steady, massive, and centered as a Sequoia. I am an old soul.

Escape From Syracuse - Community

Roots – Syracuse

I am one from whom you grew. I was your first world. I was gray, harsh in the winter, with limited possibilities. I was economically depressed. I am the one from whom you escaped to create a new life.

Community Suit: Books


I am one who finds companionship in books. I am one who is sustained by the worlds that words create. Books have been part of my life all my life.

Community Suit: Claire, My Sunshine

Claire, My Sunshine

I am one who brings light to your life. I am one who sparks your creativity. I am one who lives as your heart outside of your boy. I prove that miracles happen. I am your teacher of surrender. I am your love and your life.

Community Suit: Ed Shirley, Disciple of the Way

Ed Shirley, Disciple of the Way

I am one who teaches and loves the questions more than the answers. I love laughing and playing music. I am comfortable with uncertainty. I am one who understands that the teachings of Buddha and Christ are connected. I am one who unites with the Mystery and understands it is possible to miss people one has never known in this world. I am one who left incarnation suddenly and without warning, but I remain. I am one who recognized the hero savior’s journey int he Harry Potter series, and taught the parallels between Potter and Christianity. I am one who is fearless about death: “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

Community Suit: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas
I am one who beckoned you with home and possibilities. I provided opportunities for learning, suffering, growth, and love. I am one who made you courageous. I proved the quote you held precious — that inspired you to more 1,800 miles sight unseen, with no job or residence arranged in advance — was true. “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur that would never otherwise have occurred.” — W. H. Murray

Community Suit: Sofia Landon, Mentor

Sofia Landon, Facilitator

I am one who is a doula for your soul. I join you on the journey of finding your truth and expressing what is true for you. I am one who accepts emotional messiness and encourages intimacy. I am comfortable with silence. I help you listen to your wisdom and not abandon yourself. I am one who practices Presence.

Community Suit: Karen Maezen Miller, Sensei

Karen Maezen Miller, Buddhist Priest

I am one who shows you your life as it is. I introduced you to Zen Buddhism and the “cushion of kindness.” I share wisdom so you can be the mother you are, and I invited you to see your life as a spiritual practice. I am one who teaches and learns. I am your dharma mother.

Community Suit: Green River Trail

Green River Trail

I am one who gave you hope. I am one who sheltered your dreams and nurtured them. I am one who gave you space to play and begin making art. I was the ground in which your love with Alex was planted. I am one where the homemaker in you came alive and was given expression. I am one you left for new adventure but remain rooted in your heart.

Community Suit: Fremont Street

Fremont Street

I am one who welcomed you to California. I am cozy and small and taught you to downsize your life. I witnessed your creative flow with making art and knitting. I was the chapel for your wedding. I am one who held you through two miscarriages and the third successful conception. I taught you the beauty of light and gave you a garden to play in.

Community Suit: Diane Marie Way

Diane Marie Way

I am one whom you chose in the desperation of first-trimester exhaustion and nausea. I had four levels and 28 steps and was not ideal for a new family, but you bloomed within me nonetheless. I sheltered you through first steps and emerging teeth, through hundreds of hours of cuddling. Because I was a rental you had no fear of doing crafts and cooking with a toddler. I had a teeny backyard patio, and I was surrounded by pavement and traffic, yet you found ways to be outdoors. You thrived as a family here for three years, and many precious memories are entwined with me.


Catholic Church

I am one who was your first faith community. I taught you the importance of ritual. I was your first introduction to death. I was the one who took you in, who showed you how not to be in your spiritual journey.

Hazy Moon_Community

Hazy Moon Zen Center

I am one who represents an intention. I am one who calls you from a distance to practice zazen. I am the home of your teachers, Maezen, Nyogen, Maezumi, and Buddha.

Shinrin-yoku: Community Card


I am one who bathes in nature. I am one whose connection to nature restores my being.

Community Suit: Stella

Stella Bella, Large and In Charge

I am one who was your friend for 15 years. I am one who provided many moments of intimacy and comfort. I introduced Claire to her first animal companion. I am one who was vocal, expressive, loud. I was large and in charge. I had great personality and presence. I am one with whom you began again. I moved across country with you. I was 17 when I died, and I’d had a good, long life. I loved you unconditionally.

Community Suit: Smokey

Smokey, Who Belongs to Himself

I am one who, after living in your neighborhood for five years, decided to adopt you. I am one who is a cat about town, yet I am also loving. I am mellow and enjoy cuddling. I am one who brings you gifts of mice and birds. I am one who entices you to sit outside and watch the world with me. I am god in fur.