Committee Suit

The Committee Suit: Our many inner personality parts, our ego, our character.

Reluctant Homemaker - Committee

The Reluctant Homemaker

I am one who would rather be reading than cleaning. I am one who is comfortable living with a certain level of dust and grim in order to attend to what interests me. I am one who would rather be somewhere else when cleaning.

Needy Glutton - Committee

Needy Glutton

I am one who overeats sweet, salty, fatty foods because they taste delicious. I eat mindlessly and compulsively. I am one who uses food to manage my emotions and distract myself. I am one who does this despite knowing that overconsumption is like playing with a loaded gun.

Committee Suit: The Pursuer

The Pursuer

I am one who, though small, takes risks. I brave challenges of cold and dark to reach a distant goal. I am unfettered by trappings. I am fresh and curious. I will find a way.

The Vulnerable One-Committee

The Vulnerable One

I am one who is powerless, for whom the world is hard and cold. I am one who feels hunted, and I hide to remain undetected. Being invisible is my survival.

The Witness of Suffering_Committee

The Witness of Suffering

I am One who sees pain and is pained by what I see. I am the starving child with piercing, beseeching eyes. I am one who watches intensely and with fierce concern. I am one so laden with despair that my gaze is pinned to earth. My eyes are portals to the core of my soul, and the pain cannot be unseen. My eyes are a drought that no tears can cleanse.

Drowning Samaritan - Committee

The Drowning Samaritan

I am one who tries to rescue others from churning situations. I am one who is sometimes drowning. Parts of me flail in the chaos of living. I am one who tried to contain myself in a little boat, but it is too frail and too small for the task. The container has cracked, letting water in.

Committee Suit: Tender Protection

Tender Protection

I am one who is small and frightened, who needs protection. I am one who wanted protection. I am one who wants an all-present Mother, who wants tenderness.

Committee Suit: The Practice

The Practice

I am one who practices non-distracted awareness when life storms around me. I am one who sometimes manages to release her head in order to be in big mind. I am one who breathes Presence. I am one who needs a teacher.

Committee Suit: Small and Mighty

Small and Mighty

I am one who is stronger than I appear; labors through time; perseveres; feels seen for enduring; likes to be seen; stands in light.

Committee Suit: Universal Brain

Universal Mind

I am one who loves information and knowledge; is curious; enjoys connection; wants to know; seeks self and understanding through technology; values insight; has access to a universe in ways that cannot always be seen or tangibly experienced; knows the universe is portable.

Committee Suit: Writer


I am one who communicates. I am one who writes herself into existence. I am for whom writing is medicine, healing, art, and power. I am one through whom the Word reveals itself.

Committee Suit: Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker

I am one who, in the season of scarcity, was able to produce new life. I am one who creates and who is rich deep inside. I received a gift from the universe. I am one whose body is luscious and full and vibrant.

Committee_Hot Tomato

Hot Tomato

I am one who is juicy and curvy and full of life. I am sweet and tangy. I am tempting. I am the dame they call a Hot Tomato.

Our Lady of Coffee_Committee

Our Lady of Coffee

I am one who requires coffee. I am one who appreciates the daily ritual. I am one whose mind cannot function without a dose. I am one who is a mother and whose work is without end.

Feline Familiars_Committee

Feline Familiars

I am one who is soft and curvy, and I am one who is fierce. I am one who enjoys pleasure and will communicate. I am one who is a mystery. I am one who is subtle. And I am one who is primal.

Committee_Timid Soul

Timid Soul

I am one who hides. I am one who is cautious and with weak self-confidence. I am one who is suspicious of the world. I am sometimes so afraid of the world that I would rather burn up in my own house than take risks to leave. I am also the only one who can save myself.

Committee_Seeing Possiblities

Seeing Possibilities

I am one who likes form. I am one who looks into nothing and sees structures and creative possibilities.


Nature and Humanity

I am one who feels the tension between the natural world and the human world. I am one who loves color. I am one who secretly wishes and fears that the 6th Extinction would be humans.

Committee Suit: Relentless Investigator

Relentless Investigator

I am one who is intensely focused. I seek clues and meaning. I persevere. I am one who practices attention through my eyes and through my mind.

Committee Suit: One Who Hides

One Who Hides

I am one who feels very small and wants to be invisible. I protect myself and want to remain hidden. I have survived because I am skilled at being elusive, furtive, and alert. I don’t want connection; I don’t want to be tamed. I mind my own business and remain wild, untouchable.

Committee Suit: Comfort Food

Comfort Food

I am one who still enjoys the first food I was able to make in childhood. It was my first step toward independence to be able to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I also have fond memories of eating fluffernutters. I am the go-to food of choice when a sense of nostalgic comfort is needed.

Committee Suit: Presence


I am one who waits with dignity, with the composure of Buddha. I am one who understands the difference between psychological time and the eternal present. I understand how to use psychological time in my life situations, yet I remain aware of my connection to timeless Presence, from which I come and which embodies me.

Committee Suit: Fragile


I am one who is delicate. I am beautiful and must be handled with care.

Committee Suit: Contentment


I am one who appreciates what I have. I am able to accept what IS. I am free of striving, yearning, and clinging. I simply enjoy what I enjoy. I understand equanimity.