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I facilitate a process of personal exploration called SoulCollage®, in which you (the creator!) make a deck of wisdom cards for yourself — one by one. We meet as a group, and each participant is free to let go of thinking and story, allowing her eyes to lead her to images that feel interesting. These images are trimmed and arranged on a mat board and then glued. When the session ends, we gather to share our cards; we meet that part of ourselves and hear its wisdom using a series of simple questions.

The experience of being in a room full of people quietly working in the flow of creativity can be deeply heart-satisfying. It is also fun!

I supply everything needed to make cards. Come join me and fellow seekers. You can learn more about the process by contacting me at kathryn at pobox dot com. The workshop schedule is available for viewing at my SoulCollage® page.

You can explore the cards I’ve created by clicking on the categories below. I provide more introductory information at the session. You can also purchase the book by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® Evolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community.

Transpersonal Cards: Connection with a place of Spirit, a place of knowing Oneness as a container of your Many.

Committee Cards: Our many inner personality parts, our ego, our character.

Council Cards: The archetypes who guide and challenge us personally, and who are active also in the collective consciousness of the planet.

Community Cards: Our guiding sentient beings, teachers, loved ones, pets, even places.

Companion Cards: Animal guides imagined in our body’s energy centers.