About This Blog

First and foremost, understand that this is not a psychotherapy blog. Once I was a psychotherapist with a private practice in Austin, Texas. The blog began then and focused on psychology, therapy, and general well-being. When I moved to California in 2004, I moved on from the profession, and the blog became more personal in nature (although I try to cover my diverse interests). I’ve attempted to notify sites that linked to me as a therapist, but not all may have dropped my listing.

I worked for ten years in a library, helping people seek and find information. I hold the belief that formal education, lifelong learning, and knowledge enrich one’s existence and assist in the development of wisdom. I am passionately devoted to encouraging people to learn and explore. I am also trained as a psychotherapist; thus, I am interested in the concepts of mind and brain, both philosophically and scientifically.

There is a rising interest in the West in mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. At times, people reading this blog have concluded that because I use the word “mindful,” what I post here represents the face of Buddhism to the world. I want to be clear. I am not a Buddhist expert. I am a Buddhist becoming, a student of Zen Buddhism and quite a beginner at that. Neither do I claim to be an expert on the nature of the mind or brain.

I am also imperfect, so this blog reflects my foibles and follies, occasionally my wounds, and just as often, I hope, my insights and discoveries. I write this blog for my own satisfaction, but also derive pleasure when others benefit in some way.

If you are new to my blog, I invite you to explore the archives deeply so you can develop a sense of who I am. I especially recommend this if any particular post either captures your fancy or generates ire or judgment towards me. Some of the posts are personally revealing, while others are excerpts of works that indirectly disclose something about who I am and what I value.

Below are some synonyms that will help you to understand what I mean by “mindful” and “mindfulness” in this blog. It is a word that covers a broad range. Not all apply all the time. It is generally what I strive to be, or to become as a person: mindful.

Synonyms: alert, alive to, amiable, attentive, aware, cognizant, compassionate, comprehending, conscientious, conscious, considerate, contemplating, conversant, cooperative, cordial, discerning, discovering, enlightened, fascinated, forbearing, grounded, heedful, immersed, informed, intelligent, interested, keen, knowing, knowledgeable, listening, observant, observing, respectful, searching, sensible, sentient, solicitous, studious, tactful, thoughtful, tuned in, understanding, watchful.