The National Park Service Rocks

Some years ago, Claire received a Junior Ranger Night Explorer booklet. I think it was at Bryce Canyon. She didn’t have a chance to complete it during our camping trip, so we brought it home.

A couple of years later, while at Glacier National Park, she completed the booklet. However, they didn’t have any on hand. So I began a search to find someone, someplace at the NPS to help us. I tried a few phone calls and emails to people I was referred to at the NPS directory, but no answer came.

Then one day I read someone’s blog that described getting one at Badlands National Park. So I called the office and spoke to the ranger. She told me to send the booklet to her attention and after review, it would be sent back with the patch. I mailed it off August 17, 2016.

Nothing came. Time passed. Still, nothing. September flew through our lives. We entered October. I gave it up as lost. I figured by now the park has closed for the season, so the earliest we’d ever see anything was in spring, if ever. Today, I came home to this in the mail:


We did a happy dance! Claire opened the envelope:


The booklet and my letter were enclosed. At first we thought that was it. Nothing else was in the envelope. Then the patch slipped out from the pages of the booklet. Happiness!


We give props to the staff at Badlands National Park for helping us!

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