Body Project

I’ve been involved in my body project for 13 weeks now. Eventually I will stop counting weeks, because it will simply have become a way of living. Until I reach my goal, however, there is value for me in counting. So: in 13 weeks, I have shed 19.2 pounds and 12.25 inches. I now fit into pants that are 1.5 sizes smaller (from ##W to Misses ##). The last couple of weeks were a wash because I was sick and then stopped being attentive about what I ate. But I feel SO much better than when I started, and I will continue on this journey. It relates to much more than weight. It relates to how I want to live — how fully, how bravely, how intimately within this body and soul, with the universe.

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2 Comments on “Body Project”

  1. Dorcii Says:

    How far could you get with this project? 🙂 I should start doing something too. Since September I’m at home, as I was studying for my graduation exam and did driving school. I do almost no exercises, but I ate a lot :/ Hopefully once I start working I’ll be able to be careful what I eat and I’ll try to do more exercises.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I lost 20 pounds, and then I got distracted. So I haven’t gone further in weight loss, but I’m still active! I did a lot of hiking and camping last summer.