Sometimes You Get What You Need

Sometimes when you’re eight, and you’re worried about people you love dying, and you feel small and vulnerable, and you’re congested and tired and not quite SICK sick but not feeling great, you start Monday saying, “I’m not ready for school! I can’t face it.” And sometimes Mommy listens to her intuition, and instead of worrying that she’ll set a bad example by saying yes to a day off, she decides instead to give her daughter a day of her full presence. To fill her bucket with cuddles on demand, silly hand games, book reading, exploring a tree in the front yard, and whatever she wants for dinner. And at the end of the day, when the girl turns out to have a low-grade fever, the mom feels vindicated for having followed her wisdom.

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One Comment on “Sometimes You Get What You Need”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Amen to that and your true “Mommy” intuition … kids are simply small adults and you know how it goes with all of us 😉 Hugs to Claire and tell her Gramma and Grampa hope it’s better soon <3