Car Talk – But Not the NPR Show

The other day Claire and I were headed to Popeye’s for supper. The car started, but it wouldn’t shift into gear. Hub was able to override a safety mechanism to force it into gear and drove it to our local Honda dealer. They thought it was a switch failure, and since the car is warrantied, they replaced it. Car didn’t work. So they replaced another part. Car still didn’t work.

This morning, we found out what’s wrong. Somewhere in Wyoming, a little critter like the one below managed to crawl under and into our car, probably to sleep in a warm spot. And then it proceeded to chew all the insulation off the wiring on the transmission harness. This is causing systems to short out all over the car. We are lucky this didn’t happen until after we got home.

Because a problem like this is fairly rare, the dealer has to order the part. It might take a week to arrive — the day before our next camping trip. Then they have to take the entire transmission out to replace the harness, and there is no estimate as to time yet. However, we did get an estimate for the repair: roughly $2,100. Ouch!! Thank goodness for car insurance.

Between the trailer part falling over on the way to Wyoming — which Hub rigged a fix for since he’s that kind of guy — and this, I chuckle. So much for camping as a budget friendly vacation! Oh, but it was worth it.

golden mantle squirrel
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