SoulCollage® December

SoulCollage® Committee Suit: Feline Familiars

I am one who is soft and curvy, and I am one who is fierce. I am one who enjoys pleasure and will communicate. I am one who is a mystery. I am one who is subtle. And I am one who is primal.

What is your gift or message for me?
Remember to indulge in things that give you joy, comfort, and pleasure.

What do you want me to do?
Watch things. Take your head and eyes out of your computer and watch kitty television, which is watching the world. Be curious about everything around you.

Why did you show up today?
It’s been almost a year since Stella died. She was a good friend for 17 years and she is still with you.

If you have a shadow, what would it be? Or, what light do you offer?
The shadow is a tendency to laziness and to sneakiness. The light is the magnificent pleasure of being.

Feline Familiars_Committee
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