Here is my Sunshine Girl, enjoying peppermint ice cream at Baskin Robbins as a reward. Her very first loose tooth was not budging and the permanent one was emerging behind it. So we saw the dentist, who pulled it out. Claire was calm and composed through the process and patiently waited for the gauze to stop the bleeding.

We left with her itty bitty tooth in a little tooth necklace, and as we walked to the car she began to whimper. She was crying once we got into the car, and we sat in the back seat and snuggled. She said, “I kept my scared inside, but when we left I couldn’t keep the scared inside anymore, and I had to cry.” I assured her it’s all right to cry and held her until she felt calmer. I replied that losing a first tooth is big deal, because you have to get used to the gap and a little blood and the gum is tender. I suggested we get ice cream, and she agreed.

And of course we had to call her father at work to tell him about her courage and excitement.

One the way home, she said, “I am so proud of myself! I’m so proud of myself I could cry! I’m a big girl now! The tooth fairy is coming tonight!”

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2 Comments on “Milestone”

  1. Big Sister Says:

    Losing the 1st tooth is a really big deal! It’s kind of a milestone to growing up, as I remember it! Yeah for Claire! What is the going rate now from the tooth fairy?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    The first tooth is a big one, so the amount is commensurate. For the rest the TF will bring $1.