Climate Change

I know a lot of people who think global warming is a liberal myth and a conspiracy theory. (Makes you wonder who I’ve been keeping company with, eh?) The reasoning they use is that if it’s cold somewhere, then global warming is a fallacy. It’s an unsophisticated view of the complex weather systems created by the atmosphere surrounding earth.

We have been dumping carbon dioxide into our atmosphere for decades. It is having an impact. We are experiencing it right now. And the thing is, it’s too late. We have catalyzed enormous natural shifts that will shape our lives for the next century, and the impact will reverberate. There will be hardship. The good news is if we start implementing changes now we might be able to salvage our existence.

California is experiencing a serious drought. This is the second dry winter, and I dearly hope we get rain. I found this article at the Huffington Post interesting: Earth’s New Normal: Wild Weather 2014. And it’s just the beginning of the year.

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