Where I’m At

Allie Brosh sums it up beautifully. While I am not soul-crushingly depressed as she was, even a bout of soul-pinching depression has deleterious effects. It’s insidious. I’ve known something is askew, but stumbling in the fog I wasn’t clear about it specifically. Until I read Allie’s Depression Part 2 post, and found myself re-reading it about 10 times a day since, as well as her first post about depression. The fog cleared just enough to identify that yes, I am depressed. I used to get into a bout of it in springtime in years past; it had been a few years, and I’d forgotten about that.

First: Adventures in Depression by Allie Brosh @ Hyperbole and a Half

Second: Depression Part 2 by Allie Brosh @ Hyperbole and a Half

Over the past months I have slogged through feeling:
Absent libido

You might argue that this is the human condition. And while that is true to a point, experiencing all these feelings consistently for the past many weeks signifies something is wrong.

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2 Comments on “Where I’m At”

  1. alison Says:

    Kathryn, Thanks for posting this, although I’m not currently depressed I agree that Allie Brosh’s posts sum it up beautifully, and like any fog it can drift in a persons life so subtly one can find them depressed without if seeing it coming.

    I’m sure you don’t remember me, but we knew each briefly several years ago when I worked a a previous employer. I just recently was “weeding” out my old bookmarks when I found yours. I enjoyed adding your posts back to my daily list and just wanted to let you know.

    All the best,

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Hi Alison,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I remember you from the Centre. I’ve had depression for a long time though it’s been in remission. This blog has languished for a long time, though I give it a boost occasionally. I appreciate you for visiting.