Ideas for Practicing Love

Today, for whatever reason, I am feeling how we all struggle to be here. How much we need to love each other, and how we need to practice that love in deed and word. Once upon a time I struggled to meet my basic needs while working to reach some lofty goals. My life, through whatever process, has transformed into something full and comfortable. I want to remember not to abandon others and to pay it forward.

So I made a list of what I can do. I’m sure there are more, but this is what my first harvest produced:

  • Donate money to community agencies that provide supportive services for housing, food, and education. There are so many, and I cannot do them all. I selected Sacred Heart because I volunteered with them some years in the past, and their mission resonates with my heart.

    Sacred Heart Community Service is dedicated to bringing our community together to address poverty in Silicon Valley.

    Our vision is a community united to ensure that every child and adult is free from poverty.

    Our mission is to build a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. We provide essential services, empower people to improve their lives, advocate for justice, and inspire volunteers to love, serve, and share.

    Sacred Heart Community Service is an equal opportunity service provider. No person shall be excluded from services because of age, ancestry, color, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, creed, marital status, disability, medical conditions, or veteran status.

  • If I have any, I can give my spare change to someone when they ask.
  • I can offer my change for a cash purchase toward the purchase by the customer in line behind me.
  • I can take the time to pay attention when someone is speaking, rather than thinking about my next turn.
  • I can listen to my child and empathize with her, rather than try to manage her through my agenda. (And apply this to all interactions with people.)
  • I can breathe, which helps me to slow down.
  • I can cease judging another person by his or her past actions and perceived failures.
  • I can give another person the benefit of the doubt and not personalize their behavior toward me if I perceive it as mean or rude.
  • I can let go of predictions about how situations will evolve and how people will behave.
  • I can remember to smile at people and say hello.
  • I can say I’m sorry when I have acted or spoken in a hurtful way.
  • I can empathize when someone is angry at me rather than leap to my own defense.

Can you think of ways to practice love? Please share your ideas.

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