Art Every Day Month – Day 2

When I face a blank page with the intention of creating, it’s a little daunting — or, as Claire days, “nervous-making.” If I don’t have any ideas, I try to sit with my curiosity as my hands move. One line on the page begets another, and another. Sometimes I’m really surprised with what comes up. Sometimes I really like what I do, and other times I feel unimpressed, but I’m nevertheless astonished at the process.

the gardener - aedm 2012 - day 2

The Gardener / 5″ x 7″ ink on sketch paper

If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener.

-J. C. Raulston

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2 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 2”

  1. Ana@ChanelledCreations Says:

    It’s amazing what comes out when we tune to within. Beautiful creation of expression. I’m glad you are having fun in Leah’s Art Every Day Month. Keep enjoying 🙂

  2. artmusedog and Carol Says:

    Wonderful illustration ~ well done ~ I think it ‘daunting’ for all ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^