Little Hands

Recently Claire has shown a greater interest in coloring and using writing tools. She’s increasingly at ease holding the pen(cil). It seems her favorite is colored markers, probably because they slide easily over the paper. She prefers to color pictures I draw for her (rather than choosing from the library of coloring books she has accrued). She also recently made some representational paintings that were pretty impressive. Take a look at her recent work:

dancer at the ball

Dancer at the Ball

nature scene, signed by artist

Nature Scene

rainbow dash

Rainbow Dash

easter bunny and egg house

Easter Bunny and Egg House

giving a valentine

Giving a Valentine

girl with cat and flowers

Girl With Cat and Flowers

will you be mine?

Will You Be Mine?

coloring more and more
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One Comment on “Little Hands”

  1. Kathy in San Jose Says:

    I knew it would just be a matter of time and that she’d get to writing when she was ready to do so. She’s doing great, Mom!