Awe is an intuition for the dignity of all things, a realization that things not only are what they are but also stand, however remotely, for something supreme.

Awe is a sense for the transcendence, for the reference everywhere to mystery beyond all things. It enables us to perceive in the world intimations of the divine, …to sense the ultimate in the common and the simple; to feel in the rush of the passing the stillness of the eternal. What we cannot comprehend by analysis, we become aware of in awe.

–Abraham Joshua Heschel

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2 Comments on “Awe”

  1. Jeffrey Willius Says:

    Kathryn — I love this quote! Wonder and awe are, almost by definition, hard to express, and this does just about as good a job trying to do so as I’ve seen.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Warren Says:

    As I get older I find myself in awe of nature. I never used to look at nature when I was young but now I find it amazing.