Of Fairies and Dinosaurs

On Saturday, Claire and I went to Lakeshore Learning to do a free craft. I’d forgotten they offer these every Saturday, which is okay, because every time I visit I am lured by all the tempting teacher goodies, craft supplies, and games. But we went, and Claire made herself a T. Rex, and after that she asked permission to make one for me. She chose a green one because it’s my favorite color.

dinosaur puppet

Then on Sunday, some new friends came over to visit and help Claire make a fairy house! We met at a special event they had on their block a month ago, and a friendship sprouted. Emily and Maddie and their mom came over with lots of supplies, which they combined with ours, to construct a special home.

Here Emily and Claire discuss what color glitter glue to use on the little chairs, while Maddie enjoys the hammock.

emily and claire deciding what to do

Then of course Claire had to take a break after all the decision-making and join Maddie.

maddie and claire

Now Maddie is digging a hole for the pool…

emily, maddie, and claire 2

Here’s the home (the shoebox) along with a sidewalk leading to a pool, fire pit, and fairy tent.

fairy camp 2

A close-up of the tent:

fairy tent

And Claire, deciding where to put a hibiscus bloom. The fairy garden/home is a work in progress. More will be added later, I’m sure!

at the fairy camp

Claire spent the entire day outside, in the wading pool, the sandbox, the fairy garden! We spent this morning making Christmas gifts for family — Claire has lots of aunts, uncles, and of course her grandparents. We typically get an early start so they are done when the crazy season begins. I’ve got a photo but will not reveal what they are until after the holiday. But to satisfy curiosity, below are the gifts she made for family when she was two (ornaments) and three (bookmarks):

claire's christmas gifts to family 2009

Last year we made streamers for our tree, and then got the idea to make another batch as bookmarks with pretty tassles. I forgot to take a photo of them!


What is so neat is watching how she works. This year she carefully chose the pieces to use and went with a theme and a pattern. And her attention span lasted long enough to do all 11 gifts!

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