The Queendom of Teeny-Tiny

In the past couple of months, Claire has fallen in love with teeny tiny toys. Miniature dolls — Lalaloopsy, Strawberry Shortcake, Squinkies (OMG Squinkies!!!), and miniature accessories are the rage. For example, I came across this flower fairy tea party set up on the sofa in Daddy’s spot this afternoon.

flower fairy tea party

Here is Claire playing:

playing with tiny things

This is a close-up of her hand (to show scale) setting the table:

tiny dishes

And a close-up of the teeny tiny cups:

teeny tiny cups

Another party from this morning (notice the buttons — they make handy plates):

it's all about teeny tiny

The other day, Claire created an ocean with a blue scarf and proceeded to have a huge party on the beach next to it. Then baby got in the water and floated away, and then there was a shark attack! She needed saving, so everyone came to her aid:

little people rescue baby from shark!

She also has numerous (100+) plastic animals she plays with. Today the barn became a home for the tigers and a lion, plus a cat or two. The hand-knit hat that my Gramma Leola knit for me as a child was their bed, and the mittens were sleeping bags for other friends:


One little tiger wandered out and got lost:

tigers and lion in barn

And when Claire is not busy playing with teeny tiny toys, she practices her back float…

practicing back float

…and spends time reading (mostly looking at pictures and telling herself the story):

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