More Summer Fun

We’ve been busy climbing and splashing and creating! Claire had a total of three weeks of swimming lessons. She is still shy about getting her face in the water and going under water, but she had a blast with her teachers. She very specifically insisted on lady teachers “because they are more gentle.” (She had a man the first day and cried, and refused to even allow a man to put her into the pool.) She practiced floating on her back and kicking…

back kick

…and jumping into the instructor’s arms.


We’ve also been playing with our food:


One day Claire asked for a knife and began slicing up pepper slices I’d given her. Once she cut them all, she ate them. Never before had she asked to do this, and she demonstrated real dexterity at cutting. That brain of hers is always growing!

slicing pepper

Yesterday we took a day trip to Mount Madonna County Park. It’s a gorgeous park, and they also have campgrounds, which we may reserve for later. Here’s the scenic view of the valley:

view from mount madonna

And up-close views of beautiful mosses and lichen:

such a variety of green

We saw California banana slugs:

banana slug view 2

And a Santa Cruz Gartersnake basking in a spot of sun:

cool snake

The redwoods are amazing:

hollowed out giant

These were the Twin Giants:

beauty on high

We had fun hiking the trails:

mommy and claire

We visited the Henry Miller Summer Home ruins, and Claire hopped around:

in the miller house ruins

A view from within the former house:

room with a view

Claire had many questions about the former house and why no one took care of it anymore:

miller house 2

We walked and walked, and later she had a nap on the way home:


We’ve played with paint and paper plates:

paper plate ladybug
paper plate fish

And we’ve started collecting our spare change in a jar which we decorated. We’ll empty it periodically and use it to donate to the food bank, or the Family Giving Tree, or some other worthy organization.

our collection jar

And so our summer continues!

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One Comment on “More Summer Fun”

  1. Liora Says:

    You do take some wonderful photographs. Pretty special to have such beauty within daytrip range. It looks like the trees have decided to take over the house and take care of it now. 🙂