Summer Days

The lull of summer has me reading a lot but writing little. This blog has become a pictorial daybook with a few quotes tossed in for spice. Well, I blame the summer, but evidence shows that this is the trend my life has taken for the past year. Somewhere along the way I feel I’ve lost my mind. Not in a mental-illness sense, but more in a “I’m a thinking person who has thoughts about what’s happening in the world and am capable of articulating them.” Yet unfortunately, I feel increasingly removed from it all, and apathetic; I rarely read news or listen to NPR anymore. It didn’t help the other day when I read an article about Sheryl Sandberg in the New Yorker. I’m so utterly unaccomplished, my ego tells me. I’m just a mother. Just a housewife (and not an exceptionally good one at that). Just nothing.

But aren’t we all nothing? Everything changes. Human endeavor fades and is forgotten. Eventually we all end up the same place. And there is freedom in knowing and accepting this. Freedom to pay attention to what matters right now, and to enjoy this moment. That’s my bit of insight for today, because it’s late, and I’ve just finished sweeping, mopping, folding, washing, changing sheets, and pilling the cat. Meanwhile, take a peek at what’s been happening.

Claire earned her princess bike because she graduated to being a big girl and uses the potty. Pedaling and steering take concentration!

pedaling takes concentration!

She also had her first session of swim lessons and loved it, especially her teacher. She’ll have one more week, and then we’ll see.

with beloved teacher josie

I did a lot of cutting, gluing, and tying, but Claire decorated with glitter glue and stickers. It moves beautifully in the slightest breeze.

butterfly mobile

We did this craft awhile back, right after 4th of July!


Claire had me draw the rainbow and face, and she colored the rainbow and decided to use beads for flowers.

happy rainbow
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2 Comments on “Summer Days”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    I think, my dear, that you will receive so much pleasure reading this entry in future years ….. the photos add a lovely punctuation to your thoughts! You are writing LOVE at work:)

  2. Barbara Says:

    This post spoke to me; not the me of today but the me of many years ago as a Mom to very young children. I look back on that time, a time where I kept notebooks chronicling my daily activities in order to prove that I had done something, and I wish I had worried less. I now know that I was doing the most important work…raising my children. In the midst of that difficult work it sometimes felt like nothing but looking back I know that it was indeed something.